All Military branches unable to meet recruitment goals : Fuck you Biden and your Rainbow army

“Every branch of the U.S. military is struggling to meet its fiscal year 2022 recruiting goals, say multiple U.S. military and defense officials, and numbers obtained by NBC News show both a record low percentage of young Americans eligible to serve and an even tinier fraction willing to consider it.

The officials said the Pentagon’s top leaders are now scrambling for ways to find new recruits to fill out the ranks of the all-volunteer force. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks consider the shortfall a serious issue, said the officials, and have been meeting on it frequently with other leaders.

“This is the start of a long drought for military recruiting,” said Ret. Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr of the Heritage Foundation, a think tank. He said the military has not had such a hard time signing recruits since 1973, the year the U.S. left Vietnam and the draft officially ended. Spoehr said he does not believe a revival of the draft is imminent, but “2022 is the year we question the sustainability of the all-volunteer force.”

The pool of those eligible to join the military continues to shrink, with more young men and women than ever disqualified for obesity, drug use or criminal records. Last month, Army Chief of Staff Gen. James McConville testified before Congress that only 23% of Americans ages 17-24 are qualified to serve without a waiver to join, down from 29% in recent years.”

9 responses to “All Military branches unable to meet recruitment goals : Fuck you Biden and your Rainbow army

  1. They’ll just open recruiting stations on the border and
    get all the vibrant diversity they need. What a shit show.


  2. After twenty two years of active duty and fifty years of observation, I have come to the conclusion that joining the military when there’s a Democrat in the White House and Democrats control Congress is a Very Bad Idea.

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  3. I read a piece elsewhere earlier that stated they are going to lower recruiting standards even further by accepting applicants with out a H.S, diploma or GED.

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  4. Easing up on standards for young kids coming in and eliminating standards for officers from O-6 on up, is never a good idea.


  5. When I was in town a few days ago I noticed that the Coast Guard, Navy & Marine recruiting offices were closed & the sigh’s gone. Looks like they aren’t coming back.



    Music to my ears.


  7. First of all it it treasonous to serve an illegitimate President. They are turning out our enemy with our tax dollars. The people in this country really need to reevaluate the cops and the military, they are not for you but against you.


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