Watt usage / Amp hour chart

Amp Hour Chart (1h, 2h, 4h, 8h Running Time)

Device WattageAh Needed For 1h Run TimeAh Needed For 2h Run TimeAh Needed For 4h Run TimeAh Needed For 8h Run Time
10 Watt0.83 Ah (830 mAh)1.67 Ah3.33 Ah6.67 Ah
20 Watt1.67 Ah3.33 Ah6.67 Ah13.33 Ah
50 Watt4.17 Ah8.33 Ah16.67 Ah33.33 Ah
100 Watt8.33 Ah16.67 Ah33.33 Ah66.67 Ah
150 Watt12.50 Ah25.00 Ah50.00 Ah100.00 Ah
200 Watt16.67 Ah33.33 Ah66.67 Ah133.33 Ah
250 Watt20.83 Ah41.67 Ah83.33 Ah166.67 Ah
300 Watt25.00 Ah50.00 Ah100.00 Ah200.00 Ah
350 Watt29.17 Ah58.33 Ah116.67 Ah233.33 Ah
400 Watt33.33 Ah66.67 Ah133.33 Ah266.67 Ah
450 Watt37.50 Ah75.00 Ah150.00 Ah300.00 Ah
500 Watt41.67 Ah83.33 Ah166.67 Ah333.33 Ah
600 Watt50.00 Ah100.00 Ah200.00 Ah400.00 Ah
700 Watt58.33 Ah116.67 Ah233.33 Ah466.67 Ah
800 Watt66.67 Ah133.33 Ah266.67 Ah533.33 Ah
900 Watt75.00 Ah150.00 Ah300.00 Ah600.00 Ah
1,000 Watt83.33 Ah166.67 Ah333.33 Ah666.67 Ah
1,500 Watt125.00 Ah250.00 Ah500.00 Ah1,000.00 Ah
2,000 Watt166.67 Ah333.33 Ah666.67 Ah1,333.33 Ah
2,500 Watt208.33 Ah416.67 Ah833.33 Ah1,666.67 Ah
3,000 Watt250.00 Ah500.00 Ah1,000.00 Ah2,000.00 Ah
4,000 Watt333.32 Ah666.68 Ah1,333.33 Ah2,666.68 Ah
5,000 Watt416.65 Ah833.35 Ah1,666.67 Ah3,333.35 Ah
10,000 Watt833.33 Ah1,666.67 Ah3,333.33 Ah6,666.67 Ah

7 responses to “Watt usage / Amp hour chart

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  2. Under ideal conditions……


  3. At work, we have a UPS that has 2 racks of batteries that weigh 3000 lbs each for a control network. Way oversized. We were changing a transfer switch on the backup generator, took 6 hours, UPS was down to 85 percent capacity when we finished


  4. Thanks for both of those charts.


  5. Is there going to be a quiz later??


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