Expect Food and Diesel Shortages for the Foreseeable Future

If you think that the food and diesel shortages are bad now, then you will be absolutely horrified by what the globe is experiencing by the end of the year. All over the planet, food production is being crippled by an unprecedented confluence of factors. The war in Ukraine, extremely bizarre weather patterns, nightmarish plagues and a historic fertilizer crisis have combined to create a “perfect storm” that isn’t going away any time soon. As a result, the food that won’t be grown in 2022 will become an extremely severe global problem by the end of this calendar year. Global wheat prices have already risen by more than 40 percent since the start of 2022, but this is just the beginning. Meanwhile, we are facing unthinkable diesel fuel shortages in the United States this summer, and as you will see below there are “no plans” to increase refining capacity in this country for the foreseeable future.

2 responses to “Expect Food and Diesel Shortages for the Foreseeable Future

  1. The dustup in Ukraine is a factor… weather not so much. The real cause of all the ‘shortages’ would be the criminals in power. They want us hungry and broke to make us more docile. They are forgetting the lessons of the French Revolution. Expect PeLousy to say something like “let them eat cake” soon.


  2. Simple, just ask yourself what thefederal government has done For any American since they were elected, fraudulently or otherwise.
    Also, Biden didn’t get 81 mil legal votes but probably did get 70-some mil.
    That’s 70-some Million that voted for this shit.


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