Retired Florida cop who shot man in theater acquitted of murder

I hope the man’s widow, who was injured in the shooting, guns this scumbag tyrant down in the street. He was acquitted because of his “Superior” police training.

This is the guy who was killled over popcorn. I guess Popcorn was a bad dude
This is the scumbag that fired on an unarmed man

Florida jury on Friday acquitted a retired police SWAT commander of murder for fatally shooting a fellow moviegoer during an argument over cellphone use.

Deliberations in the trial began Friday and the six-person jury returned its verdict late that night, news outlets reported.

Retired Tampa police Capt. Curtis Reeves, now 79, had been charged with second-degree murder for killing Chad Oulson during an altercation at a suburban movie theater on Jan. 13, 2014.

During closing arguments, defense attorney Richard Escobar said that Oulson, 43, made Reeves, then 71, reasonably believe his life was in danger by turning, yelling and reaching toward him. He said Reeves made the decision to shoot based on his nearly 30 years in law enforcement and hours of training on the justifiable use of deadly force. Reeves didn’t have to wait until he was hit before defending himself, Escobar said.

Reeves “had more knowledge, more experience, more study in that area than anyone in this courtroom,” Escobar said. “It’s a dangerous world.”

But prosecutor Scott Rosenwasser countered that Reeves killed Oulson because he threw popcorn in his face, angering him because it violated his self-image as an “alpha male.”

“He didn’t fear anything,” Rosenwasser said.

No one disputes most of the basic facts. Reeves and Oulson did not know each other. They had gone with their wives to see a matinee showing of the Afghan War movie “Lone Survivor,” the Reeveses taking seats in the back row, the Oulsons one row in front of them, slightly to the right.

As the previews began and despite an announcement to turn off cellphones, Oulson continued texting his 22-month-old daughter’s day care. Reeves leaned over and told him to stop — Reeves says politely, Oulson’s widow and others say it sounded like an order. After Oulson bluntly refused, perhaps with profanity, Reeves went to complain to the manager. When Reeves returned, seeing that Oulson had put his phone away, he told Oulson that if he wouldn’t have told the manager if he known he would comply.

What happened over the next few seconds is where the stories diverge until Oulson grabbed Reeves’ popcorn and flicked it back into Reeves’ face. Reeves pulled his .380 handgun, lunged forward and fired one shot, killing Oulson and nearly severing the finger of Oulson’s wife, Nicole, who had reached out to pull her husband back to his seat.

Escobar said the evidence proves their contention that during the disputed seconds, Oulson, before being shot, threw his cellphone at Reeves, striking him in the face, and then appeared ready to climb over the seats and attack, reaching toward him.

Reeves testified Thursday that in his entire law enforcement career he had never encountered someone so out of control and he feared he was about to be killed. Given his age, arthritis and other physical ailments, Reeves contended he could not have defended himself except by shooting.

Escobar said that it took less than three-quarters of a second between the popcorn toss and the shot. That is too fast for it to be the reason Reeves fired, he said.

“Impossible,” Escobar said.

But Rosenwasser contended Reeves’ story was a lie. Security video does not show Oulson throwing his cellphone, the prosecutor said, and Reeves had no injury on his face where he says it hit him. But the video does show Oulson grabbing Reeves’ popcorn bag, tossing it at him and Reeves firing. Witnesses testified they heard Reeves then mutter, “throw popcorn at me.”

13 responses to “Retired Florida cop who shot man in theater acquitted of murder

  1. This fellow would/will follow his training taking us to death camps. Phuc pigs.


  2. using a cell phone in a theater IS a capital offense. same for in a restaurant. nobody wants to hear that crap, take it outside.


  3. So now popcorn is a lethal weapon. Nice to know the next time someone throws popcorn in my face! What a scumba😡😡😡


  4. I hope an interested party guts him like the pig he is.


  5. If she did meet him on the street, it would be reasonable to assume that this Reeves guy was going to pull out his gun and shoot her. After all, he did just that last time they met. Even if he wasn’t convicted of murder, he did pull out a gun and shoot her. That is an undisputed fact that was determined in a court of law… Just saying.


  6. This happened 8 friggin years ago and it is just now going to trial? WTF? I guess they were waiting to see if this trigger happy old fart would die of old age first? Anybody who carries a gun for self-defense knows verbal provocation (and yes even when accompanied by throwing popcorn) is never grounds to use your weapon. Having your ego bruised is part of life but it is NOT life threatening. I pray True Justice finds this POS soon enough.


  7. You should all check out the Hernando county Fl. cops. They’re hilarious ! NOT ! Florida cops have that kinda Fascist quality. Their scared of everything so they act like cowardly dogs. They are ready to snap and snarl at anyone who opposes a threat to them. This all makes for an adversely reaction from the onset with them. Yes your liberty, your finances in ruin, and your life anytime you encounter them. They have been elevated to this hero like status for what; A chosen job with great benefits and early retirement. They are free to choose another profession. NO, because they enjoy the “power”. All one has to do is look up some stats. on them when it comes to domestic abuse,and alcohol and drug abuse. They are arrogant pathological liars and love the game. They lie with impunity with the tacit approval of the courts. And that reasoning being; because cops are the soul engine of revenue generation. The judges have become the money changers. We have allowed ourselves for them to build a standing army amongst us. And now it can be seen globally who” they” really are.


  8. Well, now we have a precedent, anyway. “Reeves didn’t have to wait until he was hit before defending himself, Escobar said.” Jury agreed. I guess the next time 3 or 4 antifa sodomites surround someone like they did a few years ago to that photog in Portland, it’s game on.


  9. The standard is- articulable imminent threat of death or serious bodily harm. The shooter failed that standard miserably. Listen to the guys testimony. He must have graduated, at best, #100 out of a class of …… 100!


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