See? All the other kids are doing it

This is the best real life ad for sunglasses

6 responses to “See? All the other kids are doing it

  1. Every time I even think about eating raw oysters, I get the heaves. Tried one once. Reminded me of swallowing a big ball of snot. It almost came back up as fast as it went down. Two of my brothers love ’em. They even chew them.



  2. I love to eat them, or used to, though for me it is (or was) more a social thing. It’s a little like eating blue crab. Way down deep you know it’s too much work, but when you sit down with a bushel of crabs, a case of beer, a bunch of friends and a bunch of hammers and pliers, it suddenly is a great idea.

    My only real criticism of raw oysters is that it’s become too pretentious and expensive. I remember when I could order six oysters for six bucks. Now it breaks the bank. Plus, the waiter comes over and starts talking about what bays and inlets the oysters come from. Please. LIke I can tell the difference between an oyster that comes from North Carolina from one that comes from Virginia.


  3. Where’s the hot sauce?


  4. I was just schooled it’s the guy without glasses lol . I thought the oysters might not have been that fresh.


  5. I can eat raw oysters but I’d prefer ’em steamed open. Water quality being what it is in so many places, raw seafood can be risky.


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