FEAR ! : Germany readies Airlift as hospitals overwhelmed by new COVID cases

And I was in Florida when we were (SIC) overwhelmed in August. 6 weeks later Florida had the lowest rate in the US.

BERLIN, Nov 26 (Reuters) -” Germany readied its air force to transfer COVID-19 patients from overwhelmed hospitals in the south as national case numbers rocketed and a new virus variant in South Africa caused widespread alarm.

Germany posted a dip in the coronavirus infection rate over the summer but cases have risen sharply in recent weeks and daily new infections hit a record above 76,000 on Friday.

On Thursday, Europe’s biggest economy crossed the threshold of 100,000 COVID-19-related deaths https://www.reuters.com/world/europe/german-covid-19-deaths-pass-100000-mark-fourth-wave-takes-hold-2021-11-25 amid warnings from hospitals mainly in the south and the east that their intensive care units were filling to capacity.

Acting Health Minister Jens Spahn called for “massive restrictions of contacts”, supported by Germany’s regions, saying this was the only way to break the fourth wave.

Otherwise, there could be a “complete” reduction, he said, without using the word “lockdown”.

“The harder we hit the brake the better,” he told a news conference.

Annalena Baerbock, co-chief of the Greens party and Germany’s incoming foreign minister, told magazine Spiegel that neither a vaccine mandate for the whole population nor a new German lockdown could be ruled out.”


8 responses to “FEAR ! : Germany readies Airlift as hospitals overwhelmed by new COVID cases

  1. Saw an article somewhere else that said that euthanasia is only available in Germany if you’re fully vaxxed.

    Think about that for a moment.

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  2. Germany’s jab rate is ~70%.
    So, it must be the unjabbed that are spreading Covid.
    Did I tell you about this bridge that I have…

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  3. Fear Porn and Feces.


  4. NOT a surprise that the original strain spliced together by the chinese was a fair start- had not existed that way in nature. NOW that the WuFlu bug has been run through many people, picking up bits of protein recognition along the way, it is so much more effective at infecting because the proteins in the “spikes” are not what they started with, and therefore, the vaccines ARE by their nature, either FAR less effective, or INEFFECTIVE. Yet the same vaccines that we started with are still being given, instead of making efforts to “match the hatch ” and tailor the vax to the virus , which is S.O.P. for influenza vaccine. The ONLY answer is to keep shoveling money at the producers, and then there are the possible kick-backs to politicians and those “in charge” . Unfortunately, it makes sense- money wise.


  5. The originsl vaccine was a “war-time” rush job and wasn’t bad for all that. The mass of mutations don’t really mattar as long as they are for “internals” that the immune system can’t see. Targeting the “infectuous spike” protein made sense since that is the crucial attack vector. What they may not have considered is that The “Corona” have multiple spikes are other “hardware” sicking out, all over its surface. Thus a single antibody “hit” doesn’t guarantee a “kill”. If the spike totaly changes, it is no longer a threat to humans but it seems that the spike assembly is big enough to have some “external” mutations that don’t affect the virus’ binding to the target receptor. If such mutations change the immunogenicity of the spike, then the vaccine might be less effective. I have no idea what parts of the spike are targeted by the immune system.

    Note that, as a rule, ongoing mutations make a disease vector more contageous and less deadly. The China version of the COVID-19 was drop dead nasty. The current versions of Corona in the West are mostly a threat to those with untreated medical conditions [comorbidities] just like the “Flu” and the “Common Cold”. Viral pneumonia of any kind is no fun. Talk to your physician about the risk of the disease and the vaccination. It is a risk v benefit analysis and always something of a gamble. Talk to your physician and not a “politician”. The vaccinations have NO longterm safety history and a real risk of short term side effects including death. Your physician can identify your personal risk factors [high blood pressure, Type II Diabetes, obesity, heart failure, etc.]. Those are probably more important than the vaccines. In Chicago [2020, as I recall] ~95%+ of the deaths were in people with one or more comorbidities [heyjackass.com].

    Good Luck!


    • “Talk to your physician” who’s peddling the same BS as everyone else in .gov and the MSM? Your physician will tell you to get jabbed because to do otherwise risks his/her license for non-compliance with the narrative.


  6. Just say “no”. Then be prepared to stand your ground.


  7. Exercise and healthy eating habits goes a long way in avoiding the “medical” system.


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