This just in : The new white power symbol


5 responses to “This just in : The new white power symbol

  1. Kyle Rittenhouse, Secretary Of Defense.


  2. I give that idea two thumbs-up.


  3. Make it DOJ


  4. That young man maintained extreme composure under fire. I don’t know if I could. Now lets see more men get out there and stop them at the gates. If all your local law enforcement can do is issue “shelter in place orders ” de-fund them. The law enforcement STARTED this shit and they stand by and watch peoples livelihoods be burnt to the ground. You’ll be arrested if you come out of your house. NO MORE ! Please listen to the interview with Tucker how the Kenosha police treated Kyle. And why is it that whenever there are leftest casualties they all have nasty records ? We are all aware of the personality type that guards the camps ? Normal people don’t wake up one day and say “I’d like to torture people for a living.” Now you know who their pawns are.


    • When the cops, under orders from their Demonrat mayors, who were probably under orders from their Demonrat governors, were told to stand down during the looting and burning, which is STILL going on in some Demonrat cities to this day, those of us that are awake had confirmation who the pawns are.


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