You think CNN is bad? Check this out from Fox

Read what Fox says about Nick…. Goofy vaccine right? Then check out Nick’s website Here:

Not once does Fox mention that Nick runs a site that is pro freedom and against the mandates. Against? No the MSM could never mention that.

Fox and it’s affiliates are bigger scumbags than Disney. Every Fox article contains “Paused”. It ain’t paused assholes, it is stopped. Don’t think so? Ask Desantis and the Florida legislature. Fox is just the pretend opposition selling what people want to buy.

Nick Caturano, who runs the website confirmed that an internal memo was sent out to employees, notifying them of the pause.

According to Nick’s website, he’s been a cast member at Disney World for 16 years. Caturano talked to Good Day Orlando on Saturday describing the memo that he says he and fellow cast members received. 

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“We all want to go back to a sense of normalcy. We all hoped the vaccine would do the trick. And it seemed like it was starting to work but people are getting the COVID…to separate them it doesn’t make sense.”

FOX 35 obtained a copy of an internal memo that Disney sent to cast members addressing changes to its COVID-19 vaccine policy.  The full text of the memo can be found at the bottom of this article. “

8 responses to “You think CNN is bad? Check this out from Fox

  1. Phuc Faux Nooz


  2. fux is owned by soros loving folks, who does not know this?


  3. I only watched for Lou and when he got the boot they got the boot from me. We also got rid of satellite television, and also cable. We are focused for what is at hand.


  4. Nick Caturano’s next post will be “Fired by Disney for telling the truth”, just like when they fired a whole bunch of long term employees and FORCED them to train their foreign national replacements or they’d get no severance or layoff benefits.

    Phuc Disney. They are the enemy.


  5. None of the outlets give the real news. It’s insulting and why I don’t watch any of it.


  6. If anyone thinks “the news” is reporting anything of use or to educate an informed opinion, You’re far too gone to be saved.


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