The big lie

“Wearing a face mask is an essential ritual to make you an active participant in the big lie. You become a walking billboard that confirms a narrative of fear and false science to others.”

We as a people have been conquered by a Vaxx that doesn’t work and a virus that doesn’t kill


Don’t conform

Live in truth

4 responses to “The big lie

  1. Fuck ya brother


  2. Truth bought me a month of my life as a border in the Pinellas County Jail. The state paid a HOLE lot of money to convict little ole me. Plan to spend time in lock up because everything will be an affront to these Fascists’. The Judges are worse then the mouth licking cops. This shit needs to get rolling. I’m not to happy with DeSantis ” cops come to Florida campaign.” Remember it was because of the unethical treatment of another human that got us in this shit show. Cops lust for power !


  3. When it’s legal and encouraged to enter a bank with a mask on, you know the system has jumped the shark. Early on, I actually saw a masked guy walk up to the drive up window to do his bank business. Somehow, I think there’s a message there.


  4. Democrats use mask surveys like investors use the .VIX index.

    Both are measures of widespread fear.


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