Biden Admin Gave School Board Organization President Plum Education Appointment Two Days After She Issued Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

Don’t let up for one second. Make them pay and let the light of day shine on their corruption. Welcome to the USSA

The Biden administration and the National School Boards Association have been in hot water since news broke that the two had colluded to use “domestic terrorism” laws to wage a war on parents concerned about school coronavirus policies and left-wing curricula. The plot thickened on Monday with the revelation that the administration rewarded the NSBA’s president with a cushy education appointment just two days after she sent the infamous letter.

Purportedly to “deal with the growing number of threats of violence and acts of intimidation occurring across the nation,” the NSBA sent a letter to the Biden White House on Sept. 29 begging the president to deploy law enforcement and invoke domestic terrorism laws against concerned parents, including the father of a girl who had allegedly been raped in a school bathroom by a boy in a skirt.

Just two days later on Oct. 1, NSBA President Viola Garcia began her tenure on the National Assessment Governing Board, a pivotal position within the education bureaucracy as the board decides which questions are asked on Nation’s Report Card assessment tests, which help determine federal education policies.

Garcia was one of five board members appointed by Biden’s Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, as The Washington Free Beacon first reported. Biden’s Department of Education kept these appointments hush-hush for nearly two weeks until it finally sent out a press release announcing the appointees on Oct. 13.

The Biden administration appointing Garcia to the plum education post comes immediately after she and her colleagues at the NSBA colluded with the Democrat administration, which raises suspicions about whether the appointment fulfilled a presidential quid pro quo. Emails obtained and released last week by Parents Defending Education through the Freedom of Information Act revealed that the head honchos at the NSBA had actually been working with the Biden White House before the national school board group sent its official letter requesting a federal crackdown on parents, which would have mutually benefited both parties.

2 responses to “Biden Admin Gave School Board Organization President Plum Education Appointment Two Days After She Issued Bogus ‘Domestic Terrorism’ Letter

  1. They teach sodomy and racial hatred as a matter of course.
    Concerned parents can still be harassed by CPS.
    Defund the Police State before it cancels YOU


  2. If you send your kid to a government sponsored school you are creating the problem. The teachers are not the problem because they are pure and believe in what their agenda is. Your children are a threat to them. And if people still feel comfortable sending their children into the camp of the enemy then their is little hope for this country.


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