From the pretender

President Biden heaped mockery upon Americans who insist on the right to bodily autonomy and the freedom to make their own personal healthcare choices at a CNN town hall on Thursday night.

“So the idea is that – look, two things that concern me, one are those who just try to make this a political issue. Freedom. I have the freedom to kill you with my Covid. No, come on. Freedom,” he said.

“Number one. Number two, the second one is that, you know, the gross misinformation that’s out there,” Biden went on. “Like what they’re saying about my buddy Colin Powell, he was my friend, passed away. Colin Powell was vaccinated and he still died. Well, he knew he had serious underlying conditions and it would be difficult – he clearly would have been gone earlier had he not gotten the vaccine, had he not gotten the shots. But my generic point is there’s so much misinformation.”

7 responses to “From the pretender

  1. Oh is that the same Colin Powell that was derided by Democrats and scumbag Al Sharpton as Bush’s “House Negro”? Biden is a sh*thead.

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  2. Oh there’s misinformation alright.


    • …and most of it comes from the White House and the CDC.

      1. Masks have been proven to be ineffective. They don’t work.
      2. Testing protocol is unreliable and produces a profusion of false positive results.
      3. The “vaccines” do not prevent infection or transmission of the virus.
      4. Adverse reaction reports are being systematically suppressed and deliberately understated, both by the CDC and local medical sources.
      5. Flu deaths have somehow almost completely disappeared, which is improbable.
      6. No Phase III large scale clinical safety trials for these vaccines have been recorded, because they don’t exist.
      7. The FDA has not and cannot certify these vaccines as safe.
      8. Fauci has moved the Corona goalposts so often they should be on casters. He has lied under oath before Congress and lies to the American people whenever it is expedient.

      And you must report for innoculation or lose your career, your social freedom, your reputation, and in some places like New York, your unemployment benefits.

      It’s your doody, sez *resident Joe.


  3. j. robinette is a mis-information.


  4. “If Colin didn’t agree to the notavaxx he would have been shot earlier…”

    There, fixed it for ya, Brandon.

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