Burn that shit to the ground

Be free. Refuse oppression


5 responses to “Burn that shit to the ground

  1. Tell them you are an illegal .


  2. I’m thinking the OD deaths are going to skyrocket in Portland and Bangor. Ya think Mainers miss Paul LePage? There’s only three things to do in Maine. Drink drug and screw.


  3. Refuse healthcare for any /all govt employees
    Easy peasy


  4. Just yell “Fuck Off” really loud .or., Just start mocking them and watch them implode with idiotic slogans. Ask them things like “has your Xanax worn off ?Do you need another glass of Chardonnay ? Do you feel the need to kill a baby ? Just have fun with them it’s like poking chimps in a cage with a cattle prod.


  5. I don’t care whether you are for or against mandatory vaccinations.

    That shit is just mean.


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