You got it here first

7 responses to “You got it here first

  1. I like mine using thick cut deli baloney. OM is to thin. Mayo or Mustard your choice. It should also have a nice perky dill pickle in the side.


  2. I know it sounds weird, but a peanut butter and tomato sammich is good. Put the tomato on the top side. Keeps the peanut butter from sticking.
    Roma tomatoes are great too.


  3. Oh that’s some 5 star Michelin class cuisine right there…..


  4. Needs to be fried with a slice a garden fresh beefsteak tomato and a thin slice of purple onion top and bottom on toasted bread.

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  5. I agree it needs to be pan fried and about a quarter inch thick. Be sure to cut six slits in it about one and a half inches to keep it flat in the pan. I like a slice of American cheese and spicy brown mustard on honey wheat bread.

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  6. Always a favorite “go to” around here.


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