And here is your answer Elwood

More of the black stuff for all the British Fucks that inhabit their land. Soldiers? Opressors and scumbags with balls only as big as their Govt.. Fucking piece of shit tyrants and wannabee Roman empirists. Now your end is like Rome…. A bunch of fucking third rate losers. All of the Irish you hate came to America and now you suck our balls.

4 responses to “And here is your answer Elwood

  1. I’m clueless what is the context , and who is “Elwood”?


  2. Elwood is a commenter and is all for the occupation of Northern Ireland. Somewhere the phrase “Murderering Mick scumbags came up” and I gave him my 10:00PM worked 12 hours go answer


  3. I still want to know. What’s up with the Irish ?


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