What changed?

5 responses to “What changed?

  1. The “mask” recomendations change on a weekly basis. And MOST of them are being IMPOSED by petty government officials. Their edicts are based on power hungry politics…NOT science.


  2. If mask are such a waste why was the flu season so minimal this year when everyone was using them?


    • Because the flu deaths were written up as COVID, The test that was the “gold standard” was recalled because it could not differentiate between the two.It accounts for why the overall death rate did not go up during that period. There is copious scientific evidence that shows that masks do not stop viral transmission even in the O.R. But thanks for asking


  3. Cynthia, when everyone runs toward the cliff, I’m sure you’ll be bringing up the rear? If your question is genuine, smash your phone, TV and computer. Do this, and you may survive what’s coming. Do it not, and receive your parting gift.


  4. What’s changed? The level of supply. China and other countries ramped up production of masks to ensure that medical workers and the elite would have enough. They only became generally available 2-3 months after lock down when the supply issues turned in to a glut.

    I bought a box of 100 for $40.00. I’ve used about 5.


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