Purported to be Aussie lockdowners over running police

Remember, Police are your friends

12 responses to “Purported to be Aussie lockdowners over running police

  1. true.
    happened yesterday
    our time

    have you seen the video where the cops push over the nanna and pepper spray her?

    Yeah, that’s true as well.

    this joint is a police state


  2. Like

  3. I used to travel that road every morning to work.
    My daughter lives about 500metres from there.


  4. Good thing everyone was disarmed twenty years ago.


  5. Serving and Protecting just like here in the states. Had enough of the Orc army yet?


  6. I just need to know, why are there so many grandmothers, fighting in the streets for the future of their homelands ?


  7. Instead of running past the cops, isolate, subdue, and disarm them in small groups. You outnumber them 100-200:1! 30 cops here, 20 cops there, pretty soon, Aussies are armed enough that the popo will question the wisdom of coming after you!

    Why ya think they haven’t tried it in the US? We’re armed to the friggin teeth! First attempt in the wrong spot (for them) will be a bloodbath…


  8. Union members not happy in Melb


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