911: Twenty years in

Sadly, all that 911 has become to me is the day that we lost our freedom. The day that for one moment united us all as Americans has become the one that has torn us asunder. From that day forward, the creeping tyranny that our Govt. was instituting, became a headlong rush to institutionalized bureaucratic hegemony and full scale loss of freedom. On that day, the brakes came off and we plummeted downhill with breakneck speed to the governmental end game ; The bureaucratic police state. And here we are today. Looking back, there was still a smidgen of innocence left in the American psyche in 2000. Those dreamy eyed recollections of what it was like to live the American dream still had a modicum of reality. Yes, Bill Clinton had already used Monica Lewinski as a humidor, the assault weapons ban had been passed, Waco and Timothy McVeigh had transpired, but still at least the aura of innocence remained ; After all the “New world order” was a fantasy of the black helicopter guys. We were still having the conversation about single motherhood, (Forced upon us of course by the MSM) patriotism, rights, prayer in schools, the pledge of allegiance and limited government. We were only 6 years past the “Contract with America” which patriotic Americans voted for overwhelmingly, even though they later found out that it was the typical snake oil always peddled by politicians. America, though never truly free in the broadest sense, still had the faded light of her former glory emanating from her, her flag still flying proudly over our country, a unifying symbol to all those hearts that loved it. Eight years later, we had an avowed leftist at the reins of our nation. A man who was placed into power because of his promise to “Fundamentally change America”. Not restore America to greatness, not to nurture the worlds largest economy which allows the common man here to live the dreams of kings of old. But to reform it into the leftist, government heavy, utopia that make all of the high level participants rich. This modern era started when George HW bush, God rest his soul in Hell, sold us out to foreign principals for profit. His “New wold order ” has been the driving force that propelled us so rapidly to the edge of the precipice. Profiteers from all walks of Government and wealth have taken part to capitalize on feeding from the fallen body of the once great American dream. Third world countries and the profits to be had from their burgeoning economies, have overtaken the concern about the common man and his progeny that still try to live that dream in the US. Today, our economy is cratered, hollowed out by the next Bush and his need to placate the Chinese in order to keep them buying bonds to fund his war in Iraq. All of our heavy industry has left, our textile industries and many others and it seems that no one in power cares. Why? It is simple, follow the money. Find who profits and where and you will have your answer. Where is the tie in to all this? Look around. The NWO, the three letter agencies that now form a federal army of over 1 million, the ever present and intrusive police state, the marxist politics now being openly played in our own Government and the heavy handed influence of big tech and finance. We are being forced into a position of no escape and whether it is tenable or not remains to be seen. It is upon us whether we like it or not. The next steps are coming and I am sure they will be as graceful and gentle as a boxer with hands the size of babies. They will be coming for people like me. They will be coming to stifle all who dissent and quell this rebellion while it is young. They have a century of studying leftist dictatorships to hone their playbook. They are turning us, with purpose, one against the other. They are marching us either literally or figuratively to civil war. This is intentional and part of the plan to divide and conquer us as a people. So far it has worked amazingly well as they have sparked a culture war of historic proportions. Today, 911 would not inspire unity, it would not call to all Americans to band together………. Today it would beg the question ” Whose side were you on”

4 responses to “911: Twenty years in

  1. There is nothing I can say. Hoora, Hoora. Today Bush had the nerve to run his idiot mouth at the 9/11 memorial. The crowd should have thrown his stupid evil ass into the reflection pond and drowned that stupid elites’ jackass.


  2. The fact that they can still walk around in public places unmolested shows how effective their programming is and how utterly hopeless our situation seems. Short of divine or alien intervention, mass violence, rivers of blood and bodies stacked like cordwood are the only descriptors I can come up with that will induce any meaningful change.


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