This is about freedom, not the constitution

I could not give 2 shits whether or not some court declares it is legal

Whether or not it is in the constitution, I could care less

If you passed a law that makes it so, that concerns me not at all

You don’t give me my freedom

The constitution does not give me my freedom

I was born a free man

Attempt to enslave me at your own peril

7 responses to “This is about freedom, not the constitution

  1. To my enemy, I do not believe in your religion. I do not worship you as if Gods. And I will never bow to your tyranny.


  2. that’s what i been saying. served thirty years, now they want to make mea criminal. let’s see what 30 years of training will get them.


  3. I couldn’t agree more.

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  4. Keep your eyes on the Ball. The hustle is on. They know that they’d loose in a head-to-head. The scheme is to keep you confused.

    It is “Ghetto Ball” with bayonets. Heads up! It isn’t a “friendly” game.


  5. They don’t seem to realize they are poking at the biggest bear on earth.


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