Do you think they are creating this police state for no reason? — Deborah Lee Jarrett

The Los Angeles police department (LAPD) has directed its officers to collect the social media information of every civilian they interview, including individuals who are not arrested or accused of a crime, according to records shared with the Guardian. Read more Copies of the “field interview cards” that police complete when they question civilians reveal […]

Do you think they are creating this police state for no reason? — Deborah Lee Jarrett

11 responses to “Do you think they are creating this police state for no reason? — Deborah Lee Jarrett

  1. You don’t have to answer any questions without a lawyer present. Cop asks me for my social information, he can pound sand.

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    • You don’t have to answer any questions, period. Lawyer present, or not. You don’t even have to ID, unless you’ve been arrested, and even then, if you don’t ID, it’s another charge, and they can only run your prints. So, if you’re not “in the system”, they might be SOL. If you ever had to submit prints for a NFA item, well, then you’re SOL.


  2. Its all in the Bible


  3. Fuck those assholes. If you want my social media history there’s the fucking keyboard. Knock yerself out. While you are at it look up the fifth amendment dickhead.


  4. And you will pound out 30 days in jail or be pounded. True story.


  5. In the words of Nancy Reagan…..”Just say no!”. Thy can ask whatever the like. You are NEVER required to answer this questions.


  6. Refuse to answer questions. Never give false info, unless you want to do jail time. In my state, you do not have to ID unless arrested or in control of a motor vehicle. But if you lie to the cops about your name, it is a crime.

    Under recent Supreme Court Decisions, you do have to affirmatively claim your 5th Amendment rights. “I am choosing to remain silent as is my right under the 5th Amendment.” Just keeping your mouth shut can and will be used against you without that declaration or words to the same effect.


  7. They like to say that you’re not cooperating when not engaging them verbally. That’s Ok and normal. You should be alarmed though when they start saying, “stop resisting”. That should be your “trigger”


  8. In Florida it’s a crime to ask “why” to anything they ask. “Resisting.” The policing along the entire west coast of Florida is filled with S.S. style cops. If you don’t crying or start begging they bring out the entire department to investigate your traffic stop. Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Hillsborough, Pinellas are the worse. The cops, lap dogs to the lawyers, the lawyers, lap dogs to the judges, the judges, lap dogs to the politicians. And together they mop the floors with your civil and human rights. I guess, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”


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