Tough little Dyke wants to throw her non balls around concerning martial law

Find out what happens when your live fire drill becomes live fire

It’s coming

5 responses to “Tough little Dyke wants to throw her non balls around concerning martial law

  1. Dirty little dyke. Confused perverts? Is that what will take this country down ? Are people so afraid of bull dykes that there willing to lay down a nation for fear of not being accepting by these demented anomalies of nature ? What in the hell about queer do people not understand ? Look the word up. Maybe it’s about time to build the camp fires again.


  2. Here’s what I posted over at Knuckledraggin on this subject yesterday:

    Real smart imbecile. Put a target right on your forehead. I’m willing to bet she’s wearing rainbow striped undies.

    What she doesn’t get is that there are a shitload of trained, experienced, trigger pullers here which outnumber the U.S. Military, cops and anyone else you want to name by about a hundred to one.

    You are part of a force that just got their ass handed to them by a bunch stone age amateurs who overran a country the size of Texas in a week.

    It won’t be like Boston bomber time when cops were pointing weapons at people in their own homes and shooting up boats in backyards from cover with no one shooting back.

    This candle ever gets lit, there’ll be a two way range and you’ll be one of the first to go.



    • Damn straight and it won’t just be shooting. You live in the same country as we do. You have a house, parents siblings etc. We don’t have to fly over from The Afghan to visit you


  3. Were the queers’/perverts in charge of most of the death camps’ ? Are their minds that different then normal people ? They make good bullies and followers. I lived all my life closely aside and inside with the queer community. I tolerated their irrational emotional rationale as being free speech. I no longer will, because they do not think like us. That is why they are easily manipulated. Their just the new tools.


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