Shit on a shingle

It was a brief respite

The warm comfort of home

Steaming into the cold night

It was Shared ’round low fires

That reflected off the rolled wire

Glinting like stars in the darkness

Amid the raucous din of the mess tent

The clank of tin cups and mess pans

Replaced that of rolling treads

The rumbling death

That hunted down the small groups of men

Praying under the Aspen

Laughter, that medicine so rare

Played like wind through the camp

And peace for a moment was here

The food, always to be remembered

Was the only reminder

That they were still men

For a night

If only for a night

They could sleep

Dedicated to my Father Lee Roy Jarrett, 359th Co. engineers U.S. Army, 1941-1946

3 responses to “Shit on a shingle

  1. May your Dad rest in peace, along side all of the men and women who served during WWII, my Dad among them.

    SSgt Peter J. 17-JAN-41 to 31-OCT-45, Aircraft Engine Mech (B17), 47th Service Squadron, Australia, New Guinea, Bismark Archipelago.


  2. SOS was comfort food for them, Out on patrol for weeks on end it was C-rations and the cold ground to bed on. When they hit a camp it was like the Hilton. May such men still be with us. Regards


  3. That stuff was rolled out like a royal treat at our house. And never once was it ever ate without speaking grandpops’ name . WW1 and all of his sons’ WW11 and Korea. And it was as if they were sitting at the table with us. (SOS). And comfort food it was.


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