Dinner : Chicken and eggplant with peppers

2-Lbs Boneless Chicken breast cut into 3/4″ strips

4-Cups mixed red and green peppers, sliced

6- Baseball sized eggplant, Black beauty

or similar,peeled, sliced 3/8″ thick and

then cut in half

1 1/4- cups sweet onion, diced

1st cold pressed olive oil

3/4-Cup pitted oil cured olives

3-Oz Basil pesto in oil

Garlic powder

1- cup Salt free chicken bone broth or reduced chicken broth

1- cup dried Parmesan cheese

1/4 cup shredded Asiago cheese to top 2 servings

After preparing, all vegetables, including onions

Get sprinkled with garlic powder

This is a large dish and I cooked it two pans;

A large skillet and a rather large rectangular electric skill

Before cooking neither pan could hold all of the Eggplant

Lay paper towel on a large cutting board and heavily salt

(but not too heavy) both sides of the eggplant.

The Eggplant must sweat for 45 Min. to remove moisture.

Pat down with paper towel when done , cover with paper towel

and push more moisture out with your palm

Liberally apply oil to the pans and preheat ’til water

will spatter in the oil. Add the eggplant in an orderly manner and

Brown well on one side. If oil is absorbed drizzle more on top

And gently stir with a wooden spoon flipping them as you do.

When they shrink enough, add them all to the large electric

skillet which should already have at lest half the batch

Frying in it. On my glass top electric stove the setting I use is 8

Turn the heat up high on the stove add oil and add onions,

Garlic, and peppers; saute until almost tender, stirring frequently.

Remove eggplant to a bowl and transfer peppers to electric

skillet to finish cooking.

Add oil to vacated skillet and chicken strips; Set heat to high

And then to 8 when they begin to fry. Stir frequently until brown

And no longer pink in the center. (Test a couple of the lagest pieces)

Add eggplant back into electric skillet and stir in broth. Add in oil cured olives

Stir gently. Add 1/3 cup of broth into both pans and cook until reduced by over half.

Add chicken into vegetables, turn the stove up to high and add remaining broth.

Reduce broth in skillet to3 0r TBLS. Add into large skillet and cook until

most of the moisture is gone, Stir in pesto and when it has returned to heat

Add in the Parmesan and stir gently. When the cheese has melted the dish is done.

Top with Asiago cheese

This is one of my signature Italian dishes

2 responses to “Dinner : Chicken and eggplant with peppers

  1. I can almost smell the peppers, onions and garlic from here, yum.


  2. It was supper good ! I couldn’t stop eating it. Everything fresh out of the garden except the chicken strips. They came off a progressive’s ass no fat very lean. A very good use for repurposing a communist.


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