From Nemo a frequent commenter

Every other vaccine, except maybe the flu vaccine, designed to prevent infection, does just that. You don’t come down with the disease the vaccine is for, except for the Kung Flu inoculation. How effective are vaccines supposed to be? Smallpox and polio have been eradicated off the face of the earth, that’s how effective they are. Likewise Diphtheria, Whooping Cough and three or four others that they now administer in childhood, many before the age of two, without PROOF of which a child IS NOT ALLOWED to attend public school.

Then you have the Kung Flu inoculation. People are contracting “Delta”, even though they’ve been inoculated and have passed the wait time for antibodies to develop. Some of them are dieing, either from Delta or the interaction between the antibodies and the variant. NO ONE KNOWS or at least TPB aren’t telling us which.

Now Biden’s .gov has mandated inoculation for all front line health care workers at VA. I’m sure other public facing agencies will follow. Some blue hive cities and states are in the process of mandating inoculation for ALL first responders and state health care workers.

CDC just re-instated it mask guidance for all indoor interactions between people, including and especially school children.

Once all that is done, the rest of us will be next for the mandate. Timeline will probably be 1st of OCT or NOV, since that’s when the “normal” flu usually initiates.

God save us from tyranny.

2 responses to “From Nemo a frequent commenter

  1. Polio hasn’t been eradicated, and the world must guard against the danger still. Mind you, the most recent victims are hundreds of young Indian and African kiddies killed, and thousands more crippled for life, after their governments accepted the offers of free immunisation by agents of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The Gates’ gave freely alright, gave those innocent children hell, by infecting them with virulent Poliomylitis.


  2. i’ll be out of a job then. no more masks and certainly no shot. i will not comply.


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