Sooo.. If you left a comment and it did not post…

For some reason Askimet is sending comments to the Spam box

I just found and approved 200 comments there

Many from long time commenters (Nemo)

Seems that it has accelerated in the past 2 weeks

Don’t know what’s up with that but feel free to try again

11 responses to “Sooo.. If you left a comment and it did not post…

  1. Trying again. I haven’t been able to get a comment published here in six months.


    • You are in Phil. Long time no see


    • I was wondering what I posted that may have been not to your liking that got me banned from posting comments. You also may have noticed that I haven’t posted any comments in a while. Nice to know it wasn’t me. I have been shadow banned from posting on another blog because I posted an opinion on an ad for merchandise that the blog owner apparently didn’t like. I still go there every day. He posts interesting stuff, just like here. I just can’t comment there any more. I even know which ad it was that he didn’t like my opinion about.


      • Nothing at all my friend. I am not thin skinned and have no problem with different opinions. I saw your name in the spam filter and had an oh shit moment. You are one of the more interestin and informed commenters here. my emailfor this site is, I don’t check it daily but shoot me a mail if there is a problem


  2. Deborah Jarrett

    I am just testing this site for censorship bear with me. Nigger, Faggot, Spic. white man. Jew lover. This is just a test I repeat.. Christen Family live birth rights.


  3. Deborah Jarrett

    We are just testing it got through of course .


  4. Deborah Jarrett

    Oh I forgot Fuck the poser in office.


  5. rightwingterrorist

    Yeah, it’s probably going to get worse.
    Seems to me that there’s other sites that also have the same problem.
    One of the reasons I don’t comment much anywhere anymore.
    Seems to be mostly wordpress sites.



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