American hero

John Wilkes Booth-portrait.jpg
We are in this predicament today because of the Tyranny of Lincoln

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  1. lastkingofscotland



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    Know Your History.


  3. An assassin is a hero?


  4. Harvey Weinstein

    First mistake was allowing a lawyer to be a politician. But then, itfits perfectly- no loyalty, no honor, no moral compass, no right/wrong switch, no spine, About as direct as toilet paper in the wind.


  5. And 75 years later we are all swimming in Stalan/Roosevelts utopia.


  6. Are you all stoned? Have you ever written a non-revisionist history book? Didn’t think so.


    • You mean the one where Lincoln took iupon himself to stop secession instead of freeing the slaves? Lincoln himself was quoted as saying he didn’t know why they would want to be free. The emancipation proclamation was issued 2 years after the start of the war when the union was running out of conscripts. He wanted soldiers, not freed slaves. Did you know that Lincoln’s ” Log cabin” campaign was disingenuous that he rode into DC with the luggage, fearing assassination? Back to school JC and do your own research


  7. lincoln killed over 600000 AMERICANS.


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