Just don’t….

Send me Youtube links

Twitpics or Twitter links

Anything from Facebook

And for sure don’t tell me I am a public health hazard for not wearing a mask

I have posted link after link to studies showing the inefficiency of said masks

From the operating room theater to entire countries

An aerosolized Corona virus particle is .05 microns

It is not carried by snot

It is not carried by spit

It will stay airborne for up to 2 hours after being exhaled

Your spit mask does nothing

I will not argue with idiots simply for the sake of argument. Do the research, the truth is out there. I have already done the footwork and posted the stuff and am not going to spend the mental time to go back and dig all the material up.

In the mean time confront me in a store with that shit

It will get you more than banned from my blog

3 responses to “Just don’t….

  1. You are wrong. ALL respiratory viruses are carried in the air on “drops” or “droplets” of moisture. They CAN and ARE stopped by the use of a mask.
    Is a mask the ‘end all be all’ of protection? No. Can it diminish the risk of
    becoming infected? Most DEFINITELY. The salient question is NOT whether or not masks are effective.. They are. We’ve known that for DECADES. It’s why a mask is ALWAYS worn in the operating room during
    surgical procedures. Because they PREVENT INFECTIONS.

    The REAL question that should be asked is NOT the distraction of do masks work or not. The question should be IS THIS VIRUS DANGEROUS ENOUGH TO WARRANT SPECIAL PRECAUTIONS. And for about 95% of us the answer is NO….it’s at MOST a minor risk. By getting people to fixate
    on whether or not masks work they forget to ask the correct question. And that is WHY are we being abused by those in power over a virus that about 70% of us were already immune to and which most of the rest are at minimal risk.

    Stop FIXATING on masks and start fixating on the criminal abuse of power by those in charge.


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    Amen lol 😆


  3. I have been amazed from day one of this on how many people have done ZERO independent research into all of this rather than just accepting what the Democrat party tells them.


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