From the Gateway pundit

Angel Harrelson from Florida contacted The Gateway Pundit last week.

Angel’s husband, Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson, was arrested last week and is currently being held in jail for attending the January 6th protests in Washington DC.  The feds may move him to Washington DC this coming week for trial.

Kenneth is a retired Army Sergeant and US veteran.  He suffers from serious physical maladies including high blood pressure.

The US government locked down the family bank account following the arrest.  Angel lost her job.

Here is Angel’s story.

My name is Angel. I am the wife of Retired Army Sgt. Kenneth Harrelson, a 100% disabled veteran, who traveled to Washington D.C. to on Jan. 5-6, to protect Trump supporters from violent Antifa. We have a 17-year-old son and a 14-year-old daughter. My husband was arrested on Wednesday, March 10th, 2021 and my family is greatly in need of help. The FBI, city police and sheriff’s office came to our home and executed a search warrant. My husband was on a ladder cleaning the gutters at the time and I was inside working virtually at my job. The agents and officers approached with their guns pointed at my husband. He was unarmed and was in fear for his life. They arrested him without incident and then came to the door with my husband in handcuffs.

I was on the phone with a customer at the time. I immediately hung up and then notified my boss that I needed to be excused from work for the day due to a family emergency. The agents informed me that they were going to search the house and said that I would need to remain outside for the duration of their search. I requested to see a copy of the search warrant but I was refused, basically. They proceeded to escort me outside of my home. I was upset that my things were going to be tossed around everywhere and that they would make a huge mess. They even tried to search through my photo album of my recently deceased Mother’s photos, until I begged them not to.

I decided to video record them while they conducted their search and I let them know that I was recording. They started questioning Kenneth but he requested a lawyer and so questioning ended and they then transported him to the county jail. I stayed at home to await the arrival of our children from school. After they completed their search, they gathered their “evidence,” which included absurd things like our son’s Air-soft flash-bangs and Air-soft “grenades” that he uses to play Air-soft with his JROTC school friends. They also took a tourniquet that we keep on hand, along with other first aid supplies. I was formally trained as an EMT and as a Certified Nursing Assistant, therefore, I keep this kind of supplies on hand at all times. They also took my personal iPad. All of these things were here at home while Kenneth was in Washington, D.C. and have nothing to do with his trip there”

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