Only 165 cases of influenza in 2020

And the sheep go on. The morons in this country slip their masks on, put their heads down and go about their business. If you wear a mask to go into a store, post youtube videos, use twitter or Facebook. you are one of them. Sorry folks, if you have no fight, then you deserve what you get. I might get mine, but it won’t be quaking and hiding behind a mask. Happy Saturday

9 responses to “Only 165 cases of influenza in 2020

  1. Too bad it isn’t that simple. If I don’t wear a mask at my work there is a state agency that can’t shut the place down and everyone loses their jobs. No one there likes wearing a mask, but it’s that or no place to work, and no paycheck. I have plenty of fight, but reality isn’t as simple as you make it sound. People with fixed incomes, kids, bills etc. have to do what they have to do to survive. I agree that masks are bullshit, but until there is a way to ban them and the idiots that require them some of us are stuck, like it or not.

  2. Grocery stores in my city have people watching the entrances and cops watching the exists. There are only three chains and all stores have the same setup. You would immediately be asked to leave without a mask. Refusal would last less than a minute, before being arrested for trespassing and disturbing the peace. Dystopia.

    • I disturb the peace everyday. I refuse to wear one. Fuck the winn dixie, dollar general and the doctors office. In Florida and Pennsylvania. They can arrest my ass if they want. They can stick their mask in their ass. Same thing for the fucking vaccine. Not me… Ever

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  4. I work in a hospital- so wearing a mask at work has been required in some areas even pre covid. When I am outside I just remember that the right mask helps reduce being picked up by identification software in most surveilance systems and silently laugh under my face diaper.

    • Jeff, a study of studies was concluded in 2020 on infections in the OR. The end result was that all infections matched what was in the throat and Bronchi of thr OR staff. So much for medical grade masks including N95.

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