The Iron curtain in DC

“There is no credible threat made to Biden’s inauguration. While Trump drew the better part of a million people visiting Washington for his inauguration, Biden will barely draw flies. His inauguration is set to be a sedate, undistinguished affair just like all of his campaign events were. Perhaps there might be a few hecklers.

And maybe that’s why there is a larger military presence in Washington, D.C., this week than at any time during the Civil War, when Gen. Lee and his army repeatedly threatened the capital.

We all know why those troops are there. They aren’t protecting Biden from the Proud Boys. They aren’t protecting him from anyone. They’re there because the people who control Joe Biden — Joe Biden controls nothing, after all — want to send a message to America.

That message is: We’re in control, and we don’t care if you like it or not. Shut up and sit down if you know what’s good for you.

Those troops serve a political purpose. They show that the people who control Joe Biden have no qualms about using the military to practice violence upon a truculent population.

These people glorified violence when it was Antifa and Black Lives Matter in the streets looting and burning businesses and killing Americans like David Dorn. They had no use for the National Guard then, when by any practical definition it was a reasonable deployment of force.

But now? Absolutely.” Excerpted from here :

6 responses to “The Iron curtain in DC

  1. Where is Hunter for ceremonys ??

  2. There is one aspect of the military lockdown that needs to be considered. Trump’s base is far more motivated and unified than any democrat’s strongest supporters. Further, the creed that inspires Trump is the same that inspires the deplorable nation. A belief in the freedom of men and the founding of this nation as it was intended.

    As such, we scare the beejesus out of the liberals because if (really a question of when but I digress) we unify and march on Washington, the deep state is doomed.

    The show of force is like a North Korean military parade. Mean to reassure the tyrant, not to dissuade any invaders…..I doubt the National Guard would want to get between the deep state swamp creatures and those bent on eliminating them.

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