As of Tomorrow A.M. I will be summarily ending my 14 day self quarantine

Well at least it was 4 days. Locked up all alone with my brother and his wife. Oh yeah…. My niece and her husband were there too from Virginia, along with the two kids…. And the Turkey and enough food to feed an army. But we really did wear masks the whole time. I might end my self quarantine 10 days earlier than ordered, but I am not such a lawbreaker that I would just blow off wearing a mask for the holiday…… Right? To be truthful, no one in this area gives a flying crap about the Governors mandate. Not at the post office, not at Walmart, not at Dollar general. The guy is a bona fida dickhead and petty tyrant that really needs to be dealt with. On Wednesday we kept getting “Emegency” alerts on our phones telling us to stay home, COVID is spreading out of control and all the hospitals will soon be past capacity. Be safe, social distance and wash your hands for at least 20 seconds. What a bunch of Nanny state bullshit. My brother who lived in Russia and Ukraine for 12 years is having flash backs to the Soviet days. They were subjected to constant propaganda like this…. this is a cut out from Stalin’s Commie playbook. Better dead than Red friends. I will be on the road tomorrow and Monday. If I don’t eat semi truck or something on the trip, I will resume my normal foolishness on Tuesday A.M. Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands.

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