Saw it on the news and am just terrified


I don’t think they know how this actually works

But I do think they are going to find out

11 responses to “Saw it on the news and am just terrified

  1. We called these “night letters” when I was in Afghanistan. The Taliban would leave a letter like this on the house of a person who had been “collaborating” with infidel troops at night to be found by said person in the morning.

  2. Maybe we should a page from their playbook and start sending some of our own. Except I don’t know where any of them live.

  3. This is just as bad if not worse;

    Names and address of Trump donators published. Just put in the zip code….. just pray no harm comes post election….. this will be investigated and we have been asleep too long. Pass it on.

  4. Very good idea for them to give you fair warning. I’ll put a pic of a gun on the front door so they’ll know when they charge my house with a torch, I’ll shoot them before they get within 50 ft. Fair is fair, right!

  5. I truly hope that their health insurance is paid up and covers gunshot wounds and being severely burned from having a Molotov cocktail shot out of their hands …………

  6. Am I supposed to be afraid of some 21 year old girl and her 26 year old tranny boy friend? My old 12 gauge wants to make their acquaintance.

  7. Should get or make one of these preemptively, shoot a nice group in it, mark it “300 yards”, laminate it, and post it next to the mailbox.

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