The Shitstain speaks

You have said enough , you Commie traitor

PHILADELPHIA – Former president Barack Obama delivered a lacerating critique of President Donald Trump in his debut on the 2020 campaign trail Wednesday, denouncing his successor’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and ridiculing him for being unable to even “protect himself” from the illness.

Speaking at a drive-in rally for Joe Biden in South Philadelphia, Obama attacked Trump on a wide range of issues – including his personal tax payments, embrace of conspiracy theories, handling of the economy and efforts to gut the Affordable Care Act – as he implored Democrats to avoid complacency and turn out at the polls.

“We’ve got to turn out like never before. We cannot leave any doubt in this election,” Obama said, warning that Trump has suggested he won’t accept the results if he loses.”

You better be worried that we won’t accept the results. You people will not stop until you have war

5 responses to “The Shitstain speaks

  1. I don’t think I know anyone that cares what that piece of $h\+ peter puffer thinks or has to say

  2. Obama has a “tell”, when the chump starts feeding you the “okie-doke” lies he starts stuttering. Ever notice?

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