A re-post: Until every town is Ferguson. The stirrings in 2014


Revolutions are not pretty things; they are violent, destructive, unpredictable and people die. Revolutions don’t happen in the capitol with angry people holding signs. They happen in the streets when anger and oppression boil over in an explosive and organic mixture.

They are frightening because they are not distant and not at the actual seat of power. They are in your streets and your town. There is destruction and your courthouse and police department are on fire. Things are close to home and not on some distant field in a foreign land.

There is a slow and simmering anger burning in our country right now. Just below the civility that we all maintain is the collective feeling that we have had just about enough.  In the recent elections only one third of eligible voters decided to turn out and vote.

What  does that tell you? That 2/3 of the population is lazy? I think not. They have realized that their vote doesn’t count and those in power are going to do what it is that they want to do. The elite cadres that rule from on high don’t care what you have to say; they will do whatever it takes to maintain power. What comes next won’t be another wave election that sweeps people into power that are going to fix everything.

No one believes it or them. They will do what they want and stuff their pockets in the mean time, getting richer as the country gets poorer.

This won’t end until every town becomes Ferguson.

I hear a lot about “Keeping people on your side” by not attacking infrastructure or rioting, but that is not how revolutions work. Revolutions are born of chaos and violence and boil up in an instant . In an insurgency it is important to have the support of the populace but a revolution is different; it thrives on chaos.

When the anger quotient hits the appropriate level and boils over, it is directed at any symbol of the seat of power. The police become targets because they are either for or against the cause and the ones who attempt control become a symbol of the enemy. The court house, the county building, anything that supports the system becomes a target of the unleashed anger.

As I said, they are not pretty things and people die. It is not an end that most people want but at the current rate, that is where we are heading. Change is not coming at the ballot box. The vote has been bought before it is even cast. Without the backing of millions of dollars you can’t even have a chance at running.

Millions upon millions of Americans have the feeling that their liberty, their freedom, their republic are being stolen from beneath them. They have the feeling that the police state forming around them is becoming an occupying army. They have the feeling that their opportunity to change things peacefully has been stolen.

Sooner or later that is going to boil over and when it does it will not be pretty. Change won’t truly happen until people are that angry, until every town is Ferguson.

2020 : We aren’t voting our way out of this. Our republic is done. Free America is something that Grandparents will tell their children about. Unless.. Those of us left that still have the will to be free, are willing to keep this country free. Tough choices friends. Time is short and you have to decide… Am I a free American…. Or not.

5 responses to “A re-post: Until every town is Ferguson. The stirrings in 2014

  1. Your best yet. I take it you are well now. J.C.

  2. I have a theory. An awful theory. Every month has set new records for gun sales (and ammo) including records for new gun owners.

    So many people are buying guns because they feel sure that there is a lot of killing that needs doing. And they plan to have a hand in doing it.

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