“You got a Purty mouth boy”….

Don’t threaten me with a good time

4 responses to ““You got a Purty mouth boy”….

  1. Cederq you go ahead and walk that road. Come back and tell me exactly what they did to you. Whatever they’ll do I know you‘ll like it!

    • Unfuck, do you remember the movie Deliverance, maybe the hillbillies moved here? I’m thinking maybe Cederq saw it too, before he got a job as a procto-nurse. I can imagine him giving the spanner-monkey job away, or setup as a discount procto-doc on the side, with a Maglite, a Polaroid in a plastic bag and a soldering iron for standard rate, oh and a jar of Crisco if’n you pay extra for lube!

  2. Trespassers will be violated. Survivors will be violated AGAIN 8^))

  3. Aussie, I have the DVD of Deliverance, and when I watch it I am thinking you are one of two characters in it, the banjo boy or one of the two hillbillies that rape Ned Beatty, so, which one are you?

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