Douchebag cops at it again

I am starting to wonder if these cops are in on this

They are lighting the fuse on a shooting war

I don’t think that they can be that stupid

They would certainly be the ones to profit in a police state clamping down on civil dissent

” Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies fatally shot Dijon Kizzee, a 29-year-old Black man, during a confrontation Monday afternoon in South LA, sparking protests at the scene.

The sheriff’s department says that at about 3:15 p.m. local time two deputies tried to stop Kizzee, who was riding a bicycle “in violation of vehicle codes.” When they approached him, he got off the bicycle and ran.

Sheriff’s Lt. Brandon Dean told reporters that deputies caught up to the suspect about a block away, and when they approached him, the man punched one of the deputies in the face and dropped items of clothing he had been carrying.

It was at that point deputies “noticed that inside the clothing items he dropped was a black semiautomatic handgun,” and that’s when both deputies opened fire, shooting the man “several” times, Dean said. Investigators recovered a handgun from the scene.

The man, later identified by the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s Office as Kizzee, was pronounced dead at the scene; an autopsy is scheduled for later Tuesday. Neither of the deputies were injured, Dean said.

Activist Najee Ali, who is representing the family alongside attorney Ben Crump, denies that Kizzee was a threat at the time of the shooting. “Being in possession of a gun, but actually using a gun, having it in your hands are two different things,” Ali said, adding “he did not point the gun” at officers.

13 responses to “Douchebag cops at it again

  1. What’s wrong is cops everywhere are letting fear guide their entire decision process.


  2. Ben Crump and his colleagues lie and embellish every story to build rage and social unrest. This ensures that municipal governments pay settlements to prevent additional riots.

    The initial George Floyd and Jacob Blake narratives were far from truthful. This on will follow the same pattern. In a few weeks, we’re going to see that it was a clean shoot.


  3. Bill Patterson Jr.

    After the first assault punching the cop, the cops should have just let him go…. that’ll teach him.


  4. Wait 24 hours for the real truth to come out.

    And at this point, who cares. Fuck the criminals, blaze away, popo, blaze away.


  5. @Bone Fish – What’s wrong with cops every where is they make piss poor decisions because that’s the way they’re trained. The guys gun IS ON THE GROUND, but they cap him any way because he might have more guns or because he punched the cops partner and the partner didn’t like it, let’s cap him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t support criminal wrong doing. However, cops every where are way too quick to draw and fire IMHO. Ask yourself how many white, black and brown people have been shot at for running away from a traffic violation in the last ten years? Then ask yourself why? The other problem with policing is the mantra that all officers go home safe at the end of their shift. You want to be safe? Go work in another industry like knitting or something where you’re not interacting on a daily basis with people that commit crimes. By crimes, I’m talking the big ones, murder, rape, robbery, drug dealing, child trafficking. Misdemeanors like traffic violations are pretty minor on the crime scale and should NEVER result in an individual being shot at or shot and killed during interaction with police. Police are trained to DOMINATE every situation. Cops are NOT trained in de-escalation. That’s why they’re quick to clear leather at the slightest non-compliance in an interaction with a citizen and THAT HAS TO STOP.


  6. Social Workers would have done a better job.


  7. The cops do as they are instructed, ordered, and no more. All of the blame lies with the law enforcement management, who collect huge bonuses from their political masters, for refusing to train, or to allow training of the street cops/agents to minimum law enforcement industry standard. If your whole force continuum consists only- of scream and shoot- then that’s what you will use. Until we hold those actually responsible- accountable, it will only get worse!


  8. Amen to that, brutha! The communist democrats, and deep state own law enforcement management. They own the bar! And they own 99% of useful idiot politicians at all levels. We the people need to identify, and hold responsible, those actually to blame for all this fubar-ness.

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  9. I don’t think those people understand what “civil dissent” is. What has been happening is not civil dissent, it’s been riots and revolution. Shoot on sight.


    • But it is the cops, time after time , killing people that is enabling these asshole to do what they are doing. Footage was release this week of cops killing a naked unarmed (And crazy) black guy in Rochester. These douchebags are walking us up to a civil war. Welcome to Billions of dollars of infrastructure damage because these cops can’t abide the law they are supposed to uphold


  10. They act more like Hitler’s SS and SA now. They are not your friends on either side. This is a well planned out plan too unhinge everybody. I will not speak to cops no more then I would hang out with the street idiots. This has all gone too far to be turned around. Death is on the menu for all of us. Stay strong and righteous.


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