The dead don’t hear you

The dead don’t hear you

While they lay in the grave

Their parts done

‘Til the end of days

Sometimes you call

And sometimes you cry

But the dead don’t hear you

No matter how hard you try

They’re dead and gone

So let them go

Cold and and bone

In the dark down below

3 responses to “The dead don’t hear you

  1. This is my type of poetry. Love it. I love rhyming poems. I’ve been ridiculed because of it. Once a guy commented on my blog, well why not get a metronome (to write to). I thought, great idea! Instead I would find songs with a beat I liked and try to write lines with the same cadence. Worked well sometimes, other times not so well. But rhymed poetry is just the best. Free verse is very difficult for me. I appreciate it just can’t do it. But it never rings my bell like a rhyme.


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