I am ashamed to be an American

I hang my head in shame to be an American

I am not Michelle Obama

My pride in America did not begin when her husband was elected president

It began in the great dream that made every man a King in is own kingdom

Made every man part of the system that brought us all greatness and unparalleled wealth

Rebels who broke from the most powerful empire in the world to prevail and pursue the course of freedom

Rebels who broke from our own country over belief and pride and failed to win

But shed blood, riches and brethren

Only to reunite in the end

It did not begin on D-Day, when countless men waded into bloodied surf

Tossed by waves and rocked by cannon fire

Attacked an unassailable enemy

Under fire and smoke from fortified positions

Giving up life and limb amongst mortar and bomb

But it was strengthened


By men now old, who walked into trained fire and grimaced in fear

And fought on towards the cold cliffs

Even as their feet  trod over their fallen comrades and friends

Laying dying or lifeless

Fought to throw grenades into pill boxes

Fortified enough to stop an army

But now we are subdued

And we are Ashamed

Because someone tweeted something about us

Ashamed because we are accused of being racists

Or Homophobes

Or not believing in Global warming

Or Acid rain

Or 57 Genders

Or whatever else

We have been conquered

Our constitution no longer exists

We now let the Govt. tell us whether we can speak

Defend ourselves

Be searched

Be married

Go outside

Go to work

Be forced to wear a mask (That does nothing)

I am ashamed to be an American

I am ashamed to tell Capt. . John Parker that I just can’t do it today

I am ashamed to tell the men at Valley forge that it wasn’t winter that stopped me

But public opinion

I am ashamed to tell all the brave men

Who fought and died in Korea and Vietnam

That  I watched

Just Watched

As freedom was taken away from America

And I was worse than those who spit upon them after the war

I am ashamed that on my watch

I let the flag fall

And fall in the mud

And in a real world

A real war

Not one shot was fired to save it





3 responses to “I am ashamed to be an American

  1. The shooting will happen soon enough, as for the rest of your thoughts, every time you post like this, you are not letting the Flag fall into the mud.

    It’s easy to get discouraged, and difficult to think what was can return, in the long view, because it may not return. Still, to not give up independent thought in your circle of life, is the key. You give Respect to those whom you mentioned by doing that. The rest of the future will be as it is.

  2. I too am ashamed, perhaps there is still time.

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