Another fledgling business going under due to the poor economy

2 responses to “Another fledgling business going under due to the poor economy

  1. Tell me about it. My son is a graphic designer for a local college town print shop. The Democrat city government cancelled all the usual Summer festivals, concerts, bike races, etc. This, of course, means no tee shirts, posters and other memorabilia. They’ve made a few BLM tee’s though. He’s had a few hours work most weeks but has been living on his share of the owner’s payday loan and proportional unemployment. To me, this is a microcosm of the country. Open it up! I’m 78 and will take my chances. Who cares if we lose a few school teachers? Half the editorial page of the local paper this morning was an open letter from a bunch of teachers about how we should be “flexible” about reopening face-to-face classes. Far as I’m concerned, we should estimate how much less effective “virtual” learning is and reduce salaries proportionally. Then listen to the squeals. Yes, I’m pissed. I

  2. .I feel your pain on that, but seriously look at the design on the sign. On another note… I am in need of some printed work shirts and 2 outdoor banners I need to replace. It’s not much, but If your if your son is interested let me know. I would rather send the work his way

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