Goodnight sweet Prince

They Live, We Sleep: A Dictatorship Disguised as a Democracy

You have been taught your whole life that you are free

You are not

You do not have God given rights

Your rights are granted by those that rule

With the wave of a pen they can be removed

By vote or fiat they no longer exist

Wear a mask

Close your business

Be fined or imprisoned if you resist

The America you knew was a figment

And the figment is gone

Freedom was a wraith

That lived for only a few moments

After the body heat faded from the revolution




6 responses to “Goodnight sweet Prince

  1. In the past we could live far enough apart that we could be free. Now we live on land regulated by the government able to subdivide or develop only with permission. We can only defend ourselves within strict rules. We cannot raise our children without meeting government regulations.

    Where freedom was once a reality, now it is a state of mind. While one can argue that is all it ever was, a state of mind, I can say that based on the changes in my lifetime it is no longer existent for the common citizen. Only those who reside on the fringes either physically or socially are free and that is only until they are ‘caught’.

    • That being said.. I will be as free as I can. I will still stand and fight for a free America. Pardon the occassional slap in the face. My best regards

  2. To that end, if you are able to educate your children, THIS IS the chance. It looks hard, but like the meme about “Don’t f*ck with old people” ,figure out ways around it.
    When you see people, out in the country, working the land, wearing face mask, you know THEY are lost.
    Don’t be those people.
    We’re better than that.
    Better than the BLM protesters without a person of color in sight.

  3. The pantifa blm think they are tough, none of them have any idea how tenuous their position is. kiss this, punks.

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