BGFYTW: Fauci now “Urging” all Americans to wear face shield or goggles

So, was Fauci lying when he said that masks wouldn’t do anything to stop the spread of the virus?

Or was he lying when he said he told America that masks were the only way to stop it and that he had lied to reserve masks for medical personnel?

If it was the former then he is in part responsible for the virus becoming endemic in the population

If it is the latter, then isn’t he closing the barn door after the cow is out?

Either way, they have lost all credibility

Telling people that breathing through a bandanna or cloth mask has some Mojo magic to protect you

It’s here and there is no running from it

In the meantime, they can all go fuck themselves with their control games

Good morning and Happy new day all…..

5 responses to “BGFYTW: Fauci now “Urging” all Americans to wear face shield or goggles

  1. Can we flush him yet?

  2. My brother and sister-in-law are retired from NIH and may have been scientists before they became administrators. When this started, they said to only listen to Fauci, not politicians. They know because they are “SCIENTISTS”. They are both Democrats so, by definition, they have no shame. I always thought that science involved a search for truth, not results that met your political outlook. Being of a more analytical and skeptical turn of mind, I don’t believe any of this shit. I’ve noticed that in spite of the local government, no one it gun stores wears a mask. God, I’m pissed.

  3. First and foremost, Fauci is a democrat deep state drone.

    The problem is that there are two distinctly different sets of rules that apply in our society.

    If a democrat changes their position over and over and contradicts themselves over and over, we are not allowed to criticize or delegitimize their veracity due to these vacillations.

    If a republican changes a position or opinion they are automatically doubly lower than pond scum. They were already lower than pond scum in the democrat’s eyes so this just gives the dems an excuse to damn them even more.

    ALSO…If a republican DARES criticize a loyal democrat they are to be stoned in the media and by a mob if convenient.

  4. CA has a few words and a link about this, some of the comments in the link are good, some comments are junk.

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