Cops in Minnesota slashed car tires during protests

Having your tires slashed is an infuriating experience, typically followed by a call to the police. But who do you call when it’s the cops doing the slashing? That’s just what’s been happening in Minneapolis, amidst widespread protests there over the death of local resident George Floyd at the hands of police.

Evidence of the police slashings is presented rather plainly In several images and videos posted by Mother Jones. Officers in tactical gear can be seen walking up to cars and stabbing their tires with knives. Many believed these mass tire-slashings were the result of rioters, however, that is not the case. Both the Minnesota State Police and deputies of the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department openly admitted to being responsible, saying they were slashing tires under the direction of the state-led Multi-Agency Command Center.

8 responses to “Cops in Minnesota slashed car tires during protests

  1. Much better, as a citizen, to use some heavy duty wire cutters to chop off the top half of the tire valve. The cost of replacement makes it a misdemeanor and it’s just as much a pain in the ass to deal with.

  2. CERTAINLY WORKS FOR ME. The police would not be getting injured and killed if the jungle bunnies were never let out of prison in the first place. Floyd’s recent in prison for 7 years was for attempted murder. Screw him, glad he is in a local bone orchard in Houston.

  3. Gee slashing tires on cars with bricks in them. Oh the horror, get my my fainting coach. As for the media, sob….the cops should have torched those.

  4. If you were going to apply a knife to something belonging to a “protestor,” or a reporter, is a TIRE the first thing that comes to mind?

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