Kentucky Governor hung in effigy; Politicians aghast

“Sickening, hateful and vile”  Well, get used to it you bunch of rat bastards. The consent of the governed is being withdrawn. We see what you want, we see what you do and we are forced to pay for it at the threat of imprisonment.  We no longer have representation or even a pretense thereof. This is just the beginning.

“A large group was at the capitol for what was billed as a ‘Patriot Day and Second Amendment Rally.’ Near the conclusion of the rally, however, pictures show someone hanging an effigy of the governor from a tree, along with a sign reading ‘Sic Semper Tyrannis,’ a Latin phrase meaning ‘Thus always to tyrants.’

John Wilkes Booth is widely believed to have yelled the phrase after assassinating President Abraham Lincoln in 1865.

A long list of lawmakers and other leaders on both sides of the aisle responded on Twitter, calling what happened “sickening,” “hateful” and “vile.”

The Courier-Journal reports a group of protestors then gathered right outside the Governor’s Mansion chanting “Come out, Andy.”

WKYT has seen on Facebook from the rally organizer that they delivered a ‘Declaration of the Free Citizens of Kentucky,’ that demands ’s resignation.

At this time, WKYT has not received confirmation that whoever hung the effigy was a part of the rally.”

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