“So let them eat cake”

Pelosi Shows Off Her Kitchen And Gourmet Ice Cream ...

I have been shopping a number of times this week at the local Winn Dixie

The registers are staffed almost exclusively by fresh  faced kids, hard at work at their low paying part time jobs without benefits

Some of them wear masks and some don’t, but they are all still polite and professional behind the newly installed sneeze shields

And they all have one thing in common; They all risk danger to keep the local grocery running

Even if not to themselves because they are young

But their parents, grandparents, aunts and Uncles and any others not filled with the vigor of youth

Sure, they are not heroes; They are still out making a living

But they are teenagers and most certainly could opt out (For the most part) if they chose to

So where is our congress, during one of the most perilous times our country has persevered?

A bunch of teenagers and a few managers are keeping a whole segment of our town in food and the so called leaders of our nation are absent?

Where is Ms. Pelosi, that lion hearted speaker of the house, who swore that the capitol would not close because they were “The Captains of the ship” ? (1)

Could it be that the Captain finds the words easier than the deed?

The Captain is in fact holed up in her mansion, eating ultra expensive gourmet ice cream while her ship lists dangerously

Where is the rest of Congress?

Where are the people, who supposedly represent us, calling their leadership derelict and meeting to convene the country’s business without her

They are absent, all absent

While families and businesses fall into despair and ruin

And America herself risks failing

They watch and plot on how to use this crisis to their advantage

Our so called leaders “The Captain’s of the ship” stay home and feast upon the riches that the public trough has provided them with

Meanwhile, Kids, working guys and women, all carry the risk that they are afraid to

So what does Nancy have to say now?

“So, let them eat cake”


(1) https://thehill.com/homenews/house/486834-pelosi-rejects-calls-to-shutter-capitol-were-the-captains-of-this-ship

6 responses to ““So let them eat cake”

  1. “So, let them eat cake”

    I seem to remember it ended badly for the last woman to say that.

  2. Crazy, By the look of her mug it ended badly for her 80 years ago.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    My anger is growing exponentially, and I see no flattening of that curve.

    • Absolutely. I was at the closed parks today looking for the cops that sit there. I was going to protest and address my grievances because the parks are closed to prevent more than 10 people from assembling. Had my dash cam and all. Where’s a cop when you need one ?

  4. We all know the “story” and what happened to the Lady that said (not really) the words “let them eat cake”.

    We all know who has the best cake, in this case it’s ice cream, but I digress.
    And when the Serfs are done eating (whatever) “cake” they find… well… the Queen of Hart’s said it best —— “Off with her head!”

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