Herd immunity and why stay at home orders are the wrong answer


And importantly the weak, the comprimised and the elderly are protected

If there are stay at home orders they should only be for at risk populations

Those without risk factors for serious infection should be left to go about their business

But they should know this shouldn’t they?

After all they have some of the biggest brains on the planet

And I am just a sprinkler guy


9 responses to “Herd immunity and why stay at home orders are the wrong answer

  1. How much could you have done as a rocked scientist sir. Truth be known, no one has a friggin clue, but I’m bettin it will soon be over.

  2. That plan works with the flu for example as it is largely not a life threat. The reason for the social distancing is to slow the spread of the disease. If everyone gets it at once, the hospitals cannot cope and with 20% requiring hospital care and a large percentage of those requiring ICU care, many people will die for lack of care. And trust me on this I am a doctor.

    • Well Beach Doc I appreciate your input, but I think in Florida that is what Desantis is doing. He issued a stay at home order and then gave essential business waivers so broad that essentially every able bodied man is able to work. I am talking all tradesmen, crafstmen and working stiff. We shall see in the end. Stay safe and thanks for dropping in

  3. Rooster Fitter

    Sprinkler guy? Are you a screw pipe mongrel?

  4. That’s why the Roosevelt is so critical to the tracking. If you don’t have A vaccine for covid, but they are vaccinated for “the flu”, then it follows they are the healthiest people in a control setting with the closest thing to see what is happening. The panic is “150 positives!” SO WHAT? How many are sick? If it is not running rampant, (and it should be, because in spite of healthy & well fed, a ship is not an ideal shed to house the herd) then it is a proof this is being overblown.
    2 cents for conversation.

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