When China quarantined 3/4 of a billion people and shut down their entire economy…

It made me raise my eyebrows

A virus that had infected 80,651 in China and killed a staggering 3500 people worldwide

Wasn’t that a little extreme on the reaction?

And then country after country followed suit

And now , literally half the world is on lockdown

What did China know that you and I  don’t ?

Now that the US economy is being forced to a standstill

And the remaining workforce is being nationalized to “Fight the invisible enemy”

It is staring to smell really bad

What does Donald Trump know?

I think we will find out shortly

And I don’t think it is going to be pretty


8 responses to “When China quarantined 3/4 of a billion people and shut down their entire economy…

  1. Had a similar discussion with a co-worker yesterday, about the “distancing” and all that, also what Sweden is doing different compared to what Pres Trump is doing for dealing with the pandemic, I have to agree, we will find out soon and it won’t be pretty.

  2. China’s numbers are so much BS AND they defy logic. How is it that a country with 4X the population of the USA, AND the place where the virus originated from during the largest yearly human migration on the planet, now rank 6th in the number of infections and deaths behind USA, Spain, Italy, Germany and France.

    Are you (collective, not personally) telling me that a nation that eats bat soup as a delicacy is that far ahead of the USA and Europe in its ability to fight one of the most virulent infectious diseases to appear in the last 100 years?

    How would anyone explain the news report that 21 MILLION Chinese cell phones went DEAD during the period from Dec19 to Feb 20.

    You are failing to realize that it is the nature of the Chinese people and especially their government TO LIE to people that don’t look like them. In THEIR CULTURE people that lie to foreigners and get away with are ADMIRED.

    What did Trump know and when did he know it? You people are a joke. He knew instinctively that the Chinese were lying about their numbers early on because the Chinese doctors that blew the whistle to the world DISAPPEARED or were infected and died. He was one of the first to close a country’s borders to China travel despite being called a racist and xenophobic by the press and the Demonrats.

    Can you imagine what kind of shape we’d be in if Hitlery or Biden was President?

    What did Trump know and when did he know it? Get a grip.

  3. Trust no one in power

  4. add a couple of zeros to ANY number China admits to.

  5. China would rather have a factory full of kittens and baby seals blow up than lose an ounce of productivity or economic growth. Life is cheap and they did starve something like 60mil people back in the day just to get the rest to do what they wanted.
    When they shut Wuhan, a city of 11mil down for having 400 deaths, and started welding doors shut, and then put the province of Hubei on lockdown something didnt add up.
    Not looking forward to finding out.

  6. the other other Andrew

    Why so bad in China? Because the place is a poophole. Dirty, filthy, polluted, nasty, crappy, with the food safety habits of John Wayne Gacy.

    Seriously, during the Beijing Olympics, they shut down business, manufacturing, bused huge numbers of people out of the city for weeks and months before, and yet still air quality in the city sucked so bad many of the athletes complained about it. Athletes from clean places like Brazil, or Russia…

    Yes, if huge numbers of your population are walking around with basically black lung disease, and your food is this side of rotten, and it’s a 5 hour rule instead of a 5 second rule, expect the bodies to hit the floor.

    Gee, people, it’s Communist China, which has never had a problem with reducing the population in any way they can find.

    Army too big and too powerful? Send them to get whacked by the Americans in Korea.

    Or starve your population.

    Or let the kids kill the old people.

    Communism kills. Just this time it was done by a bug. Like most big world spanning plagues.

    Be clean, stay normal American distances from other people, don’t party with bat-soup-eaters? You are pretty much safe. Be a New York Cityite? Screwed.

  7. We were in a trade war with China that China is willing to sacrifice, and can afford to lose, vast numbers of their population. Remember they killed over a 100 million of their own under Mao. Having lived in the Far East the Chinese are the dirtiest, followed by Koreans, Laos, Vietnam, Filipinos and lastly the Japanese. It is common for the people to just be walking down the road, squat and poop in public. At home they squat and poop the poop is then kept around until someone takes it outside to the garden. The water is all but undrinkable, the food is rarely washed before cooking. Look, I loved it there but Americans have no idea what a third world shit hole China is. If they tell you 8,000 died then it could have most likely been 21 million. Lying words just fall out of Chinese mouths as commonly as they spit, Which is a continual public thing they do. I would still say the Chinese coronavirus may have gotten loose by accident but when they realized it’s impact I will bet even money they loaded infected people on airplanes and paid their way to America and Europe to spread it. Even money the Chinese woman who tried to get on Trump’s Florida property already had it.

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