Sorry no posting today

L-39 Albatros fliegen in Florida (USA)

Spent my time up in this, an L39 Albatross

Anniversary gift from my wife

Think I might keep her around

7 responses to “Sorry no posting today

  1. Yep definitely a keeper, you don’t wanter you no where to send her. J.C.

  2. I used to think the L-39 wasn’t much. Afterall, it’s a trainer. Then a short event changed my mind.
    And ex-naval aviator flew in to make a quick turn. Gas up and go. The pilot was itching to get going for a fast moving cold front was already dropping minimums at our field. Fueled up he makes a fairly fast taxi to the end and lights the fire with no delay. Sure it was a zoom climb and sure, he’s lightly loaded, but he’s still in sight (broken sky) when I hear him call center and report passing though 15,000. That made me a believer.

    That’s all to say, You lucky dog.

  3. Your wife bought you an airplane/jet? WTF dude! I’m lucky if I can pick up a 30 pack of Coors at the local WalMart every week. Lucky you ………. and pour me (another beer of course)…….
    Best of luck – I enjoy your web site on a regular basis.

    • Thanks and hope I either piss you off or make you laugh on a regular basis. What she bought me was a training flight. Get some instruction , go over the Gulf and get to take over the stick, Dive climb and 4 roll overs

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