FBI Arrests 3 Men Linked to Violent White Supremacist Group Ahead of Pro-Gun Rally


And so the narrative begins. Guys have been surveilled for quite some time, but now they choose to mae the arrests. Whomever would have thought? Let the games begin………

Story if you actually need to read it from (Wipe your ass with it) Time, here:https://time.com/5766960/fbi-arrest-white-supremacists/

11 responses to “FBI Arrests 3 Men Linked to Violent White Supremacist Group Ahead of Pro-Gun Rally

  1. What are the G-Men, G-Women and G-Zer’s doing about the out of control ‘bad think’ crime spree in congress?

  2. rightwingterrorist

    Imagine that.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    BTW, what a shitty article.

  4. Jeez…and the lies continue from Ol’ Blackface…not really a surprise.

  5. Reblogged this on The Tactical Hermit and commented:
    If you were paying attention the media started running with this bullshit narrative when it began comparing the Virginia 2A Rally to Charlottesville about a month ago. Pure Bullshit.

  6. You should really reconsider attending this event on Monday. There are better ways to fight this.





    Draw your own conclusions.
    In my opinion, if things go wrong and we get blamed for lethal violence, the organizers of this event should be held accountable, arrested, charged with accessory to murder and frog marched off the nearest cliff. Phil Van Cleave in particular.

    • I suppose we are going to vote our way out of this? Let them blame us, I couldn’t give two shits. The more heat they pile on , the closer we come to actually doing something. We need a Bundy ranch once a week until they get the point . If it,s war they want, it’s war they will get

  7. VA isn’t the only state having a gun control legislation initiative in its Legislature. NH is having their own, thanks to a Demonrat majority in both houses. Hearings before the Judiciary Committee on 22-Jan.


    Red Flag law leads the way.

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