And my reply…..To being called an idiot for supporting protests in Virginia

Apparently the poster did not know who’s blog he was commenting on. Don’t be fooled by all the ha Ha funny shit that I post. I am a 100% hardcore, 3% patriot to the core. Try to enslave me or strip me of my rights at your own peril. This blog was started in 2013 in response to the previous Democratic gun grab. I started voicing my thoughts because I was pretty sure that my life was going to end shortly at the barrel of gun.   Good day! …..

“Set gun rights back to 1970? Sure why not?. And BTW I was at 912DC the largest mass rally ever in the belly of the beast. I stood in Nancy Pelosi’s office with with Capitol cops flanking my sides and informed her aides that when/if we returned that there was going to be bloodshed. I informed them that not only was the blood on their hands, but they were on the menu. Idiot? I don’t know…. When Bundy ranch went down my wife and I were going to travel there from Florida if the shooting started in earnest.         There have to be men to stand for freedom if freedom is going to stand. Freedom is taken, not given. Kings don’t dole out freedom, free men sick of their oppression demand it and seize it. Idiot? If you call flouting the kings orders to surrender powder stores and then assembling on Lexington green to stand up to the Kings best troops idiotic…. Then maybe I am. Happy new Year.

25 responses to “And my reply…..To being called an idiot for supporting protests in Virginia

  1. I got a 30 day ban on Facebook today for talking #2ASanctuary
    On all 3 of my accounts


  2. I don’t get the people who say the Richmond protest should not go ahead because it may cause negative publicity, false flags and all the rest. They suggest waiting until the courts deal with it. What, in 5 years? And what if the dems control everything in 5 years and the court chickens out? Or the court is packed. If I was close enough, I would join you.

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    • I don’t believe people are saying that. What they are saying is that this year has the potential to see a tinderbox explode into an inferno. People who are saying that “this happens every year” fail to see that the circumstances are different this year.

      I don’t recall seeing this many people showing up to previous Lobby Days (I am not from Virginia, but I have a lawyer friend who is). I would imagine that, in previous Lobby Day history, there was no such combination of Treasonous Gun Grabbers in the Legislature and angry Pro-2A lobbyists.

      That, coupled with the fact that these people in power see as as nothing more than Deplorables who would love nothing more than a reason to clamp down on us, makes this a potentially dangerous scenario. Looking at it objectively through that lens and, though I concur it is difficult, taking emotion out of it as best as you can, you would come to the conclusion that some bad stuff may pop off.

      People like me are saying 1) be careful, 2) keep Non-Virginians away, and 3) these people will almost certainly not care what you say or think on the issue. Perhaps sustained letter writing or call campaigns (I know one such movement is starting on Monday) in addition to more time at the range would be a better usage for a majority of the attendees.

      At the end of the day, you do you, brother. That’s the beauty of freedom.


      • But we certainly do care what happens in virginia. That is the point; We are all Virginia. You and I are are next on the menu. I Have had people from Virginia voicing their support to me personally. I have had skin in this game for a long time. I won’t hesitate one second to open up a wallet and peel out funds or to help in any other way. Back when this all started around the Obama era there was a very notable Blogger , who is still around, that was seriously thinking about going hot. I gave him the offer of housing and all the protection that I could offer at my own peril. I have been doing this for quite some time and I have spent a lot of blood and treasure. Again, Bundy ranch, If that went hot, we were headed cross country. I do believe that courting or voting our way out of this mess has passed. I have made more trips to DC from Florida than I can count. And yes bad things may happen, but if no one is willing to stand then we are done. They have forged the chains for us and plan on using them. As a final note, let me say this; I never advocated for open carry at any event. I personally am not cool with showing up to a party with an empty gun. And yes freedom. We are on the same side, we just have a different opinion about how to accomplish the goal


      • Hey, I don’t know why it won’t let you reply, I didn’t block you. And yes you were correct about the confusion. I work full time and I answer comments on stuff like this when I stop at the office.. Stuff like this gets hot fast , being a passionate subject. Best wishes and regards


    • No worries JAY352 – It seems I can only reply to top line comments. I feel the “reply at the office” part as I do that too. I hope that it turns out as you all feel it will. Lord knows I don’t want any of our brothers and sisters getting harmed.

      Regardless, I wish you all the best in the fight. We need all hands on deck one way or the other, and we all have a role to play. God Bless.


  3. Call me when the redcoats trundle up to Lexington Green.

    I’m unfamiliar with the time and place when a mob accomplished anything by marching up to the royal governor’s door and thumbing their noses at him.
    But they did manage to get 5 men killed by being idiots, and were then soundly thrashed and damned for all time for that by no less a patriot than John Adams.
    Perhaps you’ve heard of him?

    Mob revolts have a track record.
    They always end at the guillotines. For everyone.
    You could look it up.

    So maybe the greater lesson is less mob idiocy, and more sense and forethought, in one’s undertakings.
    No one’s going to stupid their way to freedom.


    • Actually it was 8 men killed and it was that battle that drew militia from all over the countryside as the concord militia withdrew from town across the North bridge. As word spread more and more men showed up, and not to Pah, Pah,, but to fight. And I’m not sure if it’s worse to be stupid or uneducated. If I’m stupid at least it’s not my fault. You should really look into the revolutions of the 20th century. A number of dictators were overthrown after mobs stormed the capital. Europe, Latin America, Asia and let’s not forget Iran. And BTW, the Redcoats are now trundling up to the green. The time for bitching and whining is over.



        He is talking about the Mob that was killed by the Red Coats in the Boston Massacre.

        “Amid tense relations between the civilians and the soldiers, a mob formed around a British sentry and verbally abused him. He was eventually supported by eight additional soldiers, who were hit by clubs, stones, and snowballs. They fired into the crowd without orders, instantly killing three people and wounding others, two of whom later died of their wounds.”


    • And please, do send over that quote of John Adams damning them for all time. For some reason it seems to have gotten lost on the internet


      • Because he’s talking about the Boston Massacre, not Lexington….


      • You are correct but by the same token it was those 5 deaths really helped spur revolution. Sam Adams kept that alive, year after year, rabble rousing and keeping it in the public consciousness. Here is a quote from the link you sent “The Boston Massacre is considered one of the most significant events that turned colonial sentiment against King George III and British Parliamentary authority. John Adams wrote that the “foundation of American independence was laid” on March 5, 1770, and Samuel Adams and other Patriots used annual commemorations (Massacre Day) to encourage public sentiment toward independence.[73] Christopher Monk was the boy who was wounded in the attack and died in 1780, and his memory was honored as a reminder of British hostility.[33]” Have at it pal


      • For some reason I cannot reply to your reply so I am doing so here.

        My only comment was that, given your previous top comment, you seemed to think he was talking about Lexington and not the Boston Massacre so I was gently letting you know that you were mistaken. The comment started out mentioning Lexington but, when he began to talk about the mob, switched to the Boston Massacre without explicitly stating so.

        Hence, when you responded to “But they did manage to get 5 men killed by being idiots…” with “Actually it was 8 men killed and it was that battle that drew militia from all over the countryside as the concord militia withdrew from town across the North bridge”, it led me to believe you were conflating the two and not understanding what he was referencing to. This was reinforced by asking for the evidence of John Adams damning them because, as you may not know, he represented the Redcoats in their murder trial defense after the Boston Massacre. Of course John Adams did not damn the Lexington and Concord battles. He used them in his passionate floor speech to raise the Continental Army.

        His whole point was that the Mob did not succeed in their efforts that day in Boston and is comparing that mob to the “mob” of individuals showing up on the Lobby Day.

        You are correct that the Boston Massacre did begin to spur more support for the Revolution, but many other factors played more pivotal roles.

        Also, ending your comment with “have at it pal” comes off as very confrontational in a discussion where we are 1) on the same side, and 2) I am just making sure the semantics are correct in your comment. My apologies for trying to ensure clarity of thought /s.

        God Bless.


  4. And here in Virginia we now have 125 sanctuaries, which is 94% of all localities!




  6. Paraphrasing some old Militia Commander –
    “Don’t Fire the First Shot, but if they Want a War, let it begin Here..”

    By Now, everyone who is Aware of what is happening Knows that if there is any Violence at this Rally, it will be started bey either the government or the (((bolsheviks))) paid minions, ‘antifa’. I believe that if there is Violence at Richmond, it will be a Clear Signal that the government and its (((owner$))) want an (un)Civil War. And are Stupid enough to believe they can “Win”.


  7. All it takes to start a war is one moron trying to prove a point.


  8. You have reached my caliber when you have been thrown in jail in the D.C. lock up for “Disturbing the Working of Congress. No kidding happened to me. J.C.

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