Ageless wisdom




7 responses to “Ageless wisdom

  1. Reblogged this on Jim Campbell's and commented:
    I know you won’t believe it possible, but this guy wass as smart as we are. Thanks, J.C.

  2. Totally agree.
    C.H. Slate
    Corp., D Co., !2th Reg. Conn. Vol. Inf.

  3. Even back in the late 1800’s there were people that recognized what a shit stain the Demonrats are on the country.

  4. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw this and had to comment as a lifelong Republican. This is so wrong it is not funny. Check your history folks. Better yet read Charles Paces’ books on Lincoln and the Civil War, or as he puts it “The War to Prevent Southern Independence”
    It only takes a smattering of research to understand party politics – ALL party politics is bullshit. If you love freedom, you may want to reconsider politics and vie for true liberty instead. No, I am not advocating rebellion against government. What I AM advocating is a return to a limited government before Lincoln nationalized our sovereignty.

    • Well said Andy. The man corrupted what was set up by the founders and forever changed the dynamics between the Federal Govt. and the states. Rather than the Govt. being a conglomeration of states it became it’s own entity separate from the states. What does it tell you when states are pushing for an amendment that would allow a simple majority to override and nullify a federal law? Isn’t that why the Reps are there?

  5. This is in Attica, Kansas.
    Several Civil War Veterans graves there from the 10th Indiana.

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