Protect and serve

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6 responses to “Protect and serve

  1. Washington DC Narcotics and Special Investigations Division

  2. Looks like a We are tired of your shit! logo to me.

  3. rightwingterrorist

    Because it’s not about serve and protect.
    It’s about kill, maim, destroy, and enforce.

  4. With the declared war on Cops by the supposedly ‘oppressed’ they are lucky that these officers are not in full body armor.

    It is very hard to protect a community that despises your existence.

    As far as serving, until a majority of the residents in these crime and drug infested districts join together to drive the menace out with the help of the police, they will continue to be hell holes.

    The other choice is to cordon off the area and wait until no one is left standing. They would call such a move racism but it does not matter much because everything that the police do to try to curb crime and protect these people is racist anyways.

  5. There is a reason decent people fear and hate police.
    Lots of reasons.
    Here’s just a couple:

    Violent black mob attacks white journalist, who draws, but does not fire, his lawfully-carried sidearm in self-defense. Guess who gets charged with multiple felonies:

    Black man commits unprovoked felony assault against random innocent white woman. Police charge him with misdemeanor and release him without bail:

    I’m having a really hard time imagining how any member of the law enforcement community could ever regain my trust. When I see a cop, I see an enemy.

    • My wife did 30 days in jail after a cop lied his ass off in complete contradiction to his earlier sworn testimony. At the sentencing, the judge allowed an entry from my website, THIS website to be presented. It was so egregious that it spawned a whole anti cop website.

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